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Laser System for EVLT

Varicose Vein Laser Treatment

Laser systems are preferred by patients for their technical superiority. Unfortunately, the early varicose vein laser treatment systems were associated with greater pain, ecchymosis, etc. These shortcomings were eliminated with the development of covered tip laser system. This new varicose vein laser treatment system is now available to patients looking for this technology. Our early experience has been favorable with minimal pain during the procedure and quick recovery by patients. The varicose vein laser treatment system has advantages over the radiofrequency procedure in that the proce- dure can be done with a smaller needle and a laser fiber much smaller in di- ameter than the radiofrequency catheter. This allows us to treat patients who have a narrower diameter of the veins or need treatment of an abnormal but need treatment of a short segment of the saphenous vein.

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