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Semirigid Compression

Semirigid Velcro based compression is an alternative for patients with chronic edema. Leg swelling is a major problem affecting patients with chronic venous insufficiency and stasis dermatitis. Many patients are unable to manage tight compression stockings which are difficult to get on and off. In addition, they are not fully effective in controlling swelling for patients.

Semirigid compression garments are more effective for ambulating patients. The garment provides a semirigid frame which pushes tissue fluid towards the heart more effectively than elastic stockings. Pressure measurements under these devices consistently show greater pressure gradients than with elastic compression stockings.

Velcro systems are easier to wrap around legs and permit adjustment as the circumference of the leg decreases. They are effective alternatives for ambulatory patients with leg swelling and dermatitis. Elastic compression stockings and bandages are still appropriate for bed bound patients and for patients with symptomatic varicose veins who must wear stockings as required guidelines for their management by their insurance company.

Left leg after wearing semirigid Velcro wrap. Swelling has been controlled. Right leg was not wrapped.

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